Nossa Senhora da Rocha

Our Lady of the Rock

Nossa Senhora da Rocha is a must see in the Algarve, situated in the Porches area between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra. This spectacular chapel was built back in the 16th century and it’s believed that it was originally enclosed by a fortress protected by a pit and drawbridge. Unfortunately an earthquake destroyed the fortress walls in 1755 but despite all odds the chapel still remains today.
You’ll find that the locals enjoy spending the last hours of their day here, chatting away with their fishing rods hanging over the headland, patiently waiting for a fish to bite. We highly recommend you head to this beautiful spot in the late afternoon, in time to watch the sunset. The panoramic views will take your breath away.
Be sure you venture down to the beaches on either side of the chapel too, they’re some of our favourites in the area. The easiest way to reach Nossa Senhora da Rocha is by car but by all means, if you’re feeling energetic and have the time, cycle or walk.
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